Read through all the steps before beginning

Before you get too far into your cat enclosure project, it would be much better to add any features that’s deemed necessary. They will be much easier to add before the cage is together. As you go along, make use of pictures of completed projects on the Internet as reference when you are not sure where a shelf or door should go. Building a Caboodle Cat Enclosure shouldn’t be a solo project. Things may go a lot quicker if two sets of hands work on it together. Since you never know when a stray splinter, dust, or wire might poke you in the eye, be sure to utilize safety goggles. As a rule of thumb be sure to measure twice and cut once. This will make edges more even. An electric screwdriver or drill can come in handy when building Caboodle Cat Enclosures. Brisbane cat owners usually put a drop or two of wood glue on joints before screwing them tightly together. This will help make the cage a lot more durable and stable. All joints should be screwed together tightly. If there is an irregular gap between the joints, take off the screw and try again. For a healthy cat, keep your cage clean!

How to Build Outdoor Cat Enclosures: Adelaide


Measure the total space you want your cat to have in an outdoor enclosure. If you have multiple pets, that would need to be taken into consideration as well. You can estimate the desired area by using a tape measure and four pegs or pins with string stretched between them to mark out the desired floor area.


Purchase rubber coated wire ventilated shelving units that are enough to build your outdoor cat enclosure. Be sure that the joined panels have achieved their intended size parameters. However, it is much simpler to go a bit bigger or a bit smaller with the finished size of the enclosure than it is to try to cut the metal shelves. If you want to provide your cat access to the house, you will need to attach the panels to an open window so your pets can go in and out whenever they need to.


Make use of wire to link each panel of the shelves to the others, right until you have a sturdy wall made from connected panels. Do the same with the other sides and the ceiling panels as well. However, you really don’t have to build a floor panel.


Install more shelves inside the enclosure if you have multiple cats. They should be strong enough to support the weight of full-grown cat. It’s also a good idea to install a climbing tree to keep your cats entertained.


A litter box should always be present in the enclosure if it isn’t built over a patch of dirt. Moreover, a bowl of fresh drinking water and another filled with cat food is very important.


Catmax Caboodle Tips for Great Cat Enclosures: Cairns


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